The only way to write a blog is to do it

Life happens fast. Obviously.

Suddenly almost a month has passed since I wrote last. Suddenly I’m 24 years old. Suddenly I’m trying to figure out my next move. Suddenly life is happening. Fast.

The whole intent of this blog was to free myself from inhibitions and the high expectations that I set for myself when I write. Contrary to my intent, though, that’s exactly why it’s taken me so long to get back to this blog.

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Fred Jackson: His career, my story

Today the Buffalo Bills announced the release of running back Fred Jackson after nine seasons with the team. In his career with the Bills, Jackson had 1,279 rushing attempts, gained 5,646 yards and scored 30 touchdowns.

But in 2011, the future of Jackson’s career was in question. In late November, Jackson broke a bone in his lower right leg, placing him on injured reserve for the remainder of the 2011-12 season.

Just before his injury, though, I got my big break.

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Eighteen years in the classroom…worth it?

I’ve experienced mornings like this morning for 18 years straight, and now (more likely than not) I never will again.

This morning I prepared for my first day of school for the last time.

After the standard 12 years of school, I continued on for four years at Drake University and proceeded straight to Southern Illinois University to work toward my master’s degree in professional media management.

Eighteen years of formal education is a long time to be in the classroom, but what is it really worth in the end?

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If this is what crazy is, I don’t want to be sane

Sanity is overrated.

At least that’s what I’ve deduced from Muddy Monk’s Nearly Sane Trail Half Marathon.

“Runners are all a bit crazy. We spend our Saturdays doing long runs, strategize about negative splits, wake up sweating at 3am worrying about whether or not our GPS watch is charging, tape our nipples, pee in bottles while in starting corrals, and have a million other oddities that make us runners. But we can all agree that running 26.2 miles is clearly insane. Running 13.1? Nearly insane.”

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