My Relationship with Food

Think about some of your favorite celebrations. About important family moments. About seeking comfort. About catching up with friends.

For me, food is something that is a constant thread in each of these thought patterns. It may sound silly, but there’s something about a home cooked meal, a special night at your favorite restaurant or simply chatting and munching around the kitchen table that means so much. It’s more than just something that tastes good, it’s the memories that come with.

It’s Aunt Terry’s famous cake at weddings. It’s our “last supper” of grilled steaks, buttery corn on the cob, salad, baked potatoes and homemade apple crisp before my siblings and I would all head back to school. It’s the Lebanese fosulya that I make in the dead of winter when I miss home. It’s the wine and cheese or the popcorn and M&Ms for a girls’ night in.

Although food plays such a role in many memorable life moments, it can also be the source of guilt or lack of self-confidence for me. The feeling of being overly full after a delicious meal can often leave me more focused on how I regret taking that second helping than on the flavors of the dish or how nice it was to eat with friends of family. My self-image is constantly wavering, and for as much as I love food, it honestly plays a big part in these back and forth feelings.

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