About Elizabeth


I love moments.


Those moments that can’t be repeated, that evoke strong emotions, that cause people to talk, that get the gears in your brain moving. So what better career path to take than one which will allow me to capture those moments through words and media and share them with the world?

As a recent graduate from Drake University, I’ve experienced countless moments that have had an impact on me, and I have learned how to spot the moments that should be shared. From triumph to tragedy and determination to defeat, there are stories to be found in every passing moment. My degree in news/Internet journalism and various professional experiences have taught me  how to capture moments through my writing, photography, videography and more, and have exposed me to new and innovative ways to turn mere moments into captivating stories.


Looking Forward

I am currently seeking a job in the fields of journalism and/or marketing. I want to continue to pursue my passion of journalism, to grow and improve professionally and to bring my skills and contributions to whatever position I take on.

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