Life is strung together by thoughts, feelings, experiences, moments, challenges and realizations. There isn’t one specific category – the second you think you have a theme or a template, it’s turned on its head.

The same is true for this blog. My blog is a place where I use my passion and need for writing to attempt to understand myself and the world around me. That can include so many different topics, thoughts, ideas and experiences, but they all come together to create my current reality. My life in this moment.

Sure, I’m sharing bits and pieces, but I’d like to think that in some way or another, a lot of people are experiencing very similar bits and pieces in their own lives.



About Me

I’m an Iowa girl, in love with Chicago, living in Cincinnati.

Writing is my true passion. Storytelling fascinates me.

I am currently working as the communications coordinator for the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau.

For me, running is both a great effort and a great release.

My faith and my family mean the world to me.

I love sports – all sports – and I’ll defend the Chicago Bears even when there’s nothing to defend.

Food is my favorite – cooking for myself and the people I care about, trying new restaurants, discovering recipes.

This blog both excites and intimidates me. I hope you enjoy!


“Writing is my best chance at happiness, and it is the riskiest thing I can do. But that’s how life is. The riskiest things always yield the best, most beautiful things.”






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